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Our goal: “All Vernon children birth to eighteen are safe, healthy and productive.”

Ending Hunger Through Community Involvement


The Vernon Hunger Action Team (HAT) brings together local government, schools, faith groups, businesses, nonprofit service providers and concerned residents to eliminate the problem of hunger in our community. 

We collaborate to maximize available resources and work to identify any gaps in service. Our goal is to provide workable solutions to ensure that no Vernon resident goes hungry.



Matilda's Bake Sale

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Foodshare Walk Against Hunger

May 4, 2014

The Foodshare Walk Against Hunger provides much-needed support for all of our participating program partners. Over 128,000 people, including 50,000 children, are in need of emergency food assistance in the greater Hartford region each year. Foodshare is working to address this issue by engaging the community at-large and building a movement focused on decreasing the need of our hungry neighbors. The Foodshare Walk Against Hunger is one key way in which we, as a community, can raise awareness of hunger. 


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Our Vernon Hunger Action Team

Bea Maslowski, Alan Slobodien, Michelle Hill


A Bit of History...

The Foodshare Walk Against Hunger made its debut in 1983 - just one year after Foodshare first opened its doors. One hundred walkers came out that year, raising a whopping $3,000. Flash forward to 2012, and the event grew to nearly 5,000 walkers who raised $602,000.

What is the secret to the Walk's continued appeal and incredible growth? It’s people with a passion to help end hunger in our communities. In 1989, one such volunteer stepped into the role of Walk Committee Chair and brought together a dedicated team of volunteers to triple participation and increase donations to $25,000.  Their efforts engaged more people and involved community partners, and even brought Connecticut National Bank in as one of the first corporate sponsors.

Of course, this achievement did not go unnoticed by Foodshare’s Board of Directors. Looking to the success of similar events held in Boston and Atlanta, Foodshare expanded the Walk again by inviting local anti-hunger partners to participate. One of the unique aspects of the Walk is that it has become a collaborative fundraising effort, raising funds not only for Foodshare, but for any partner that commits to join the event as a benefiting program.  The agencies then recruit people and teams to raise donations and share in the proceeds of the event. Over the past decade the Walk has enabled Foodshare’s partners, many without a dedicated fundraising staff of their own, the opportunity to raise thousands of dollars.

The Foodshare Walk Against Hunger is now the largest event of its kind in the state of Connecticut. It unites an entire community of people, all working to end hunger in our region. Did that first Walk Committee know what they had set in motion? Probably not, but taking small steps in the right direction can lead to great things.  Register for the (2014) 31st Annual Foodshare Walk Against Hunger on May 4 and take a step towards building a movement to end hunger for good.




Vernon Hunger Action Team Video

Writing,  direction, editing and actors from Rockville High School Students

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Print out a hard copy and hand deliver or mail!


Rockville/ Vernon Food Resources


Vernon-Rockville Food Resources

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HVCC Tri-Town Food Pantry

Hockanum Valley Community Council, Inc. (HVCC) provides services to individuals and/or families in a manner which will promote independence while assuring that basic needs are met regardless of ability to pay.

The HVCC Food Pantry is an emergency food source for residents of Vernon, Tolland, and Ellington, South Windsor and Coventry. The food is free to individuals who meet income and residency requirements. Over 1,400 families were served by HVCC during 2013.

29 Naek Road, Suite 5C
Administration & Pantry: (860) 872-7727
Fax: (860) 870-6644
Transportation: (860) 870-7940


The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen

Over the past 25 years, The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen has served hundreds of thousands of free meals. We have been, and continue to be, a grassroots "safety net" for thousands of adults and children in temporary need of food, as they overcome their challenges and rebuild their lives. Currently, Cornerstone provides 40,000 meals a year to residents in Vernon, Ellington, and Tolland.

15 Prospect Street
Phone: (860) 871-1823
Fax: (860) 896-5057

Mobile Foodshare

Mobile Foodshare is an outdoor food distribution for persons of low income. The food choices vary from week to week but usually include bread and several types of fresh produce. Other items may also be offered depending on availability. Foodshare delivers to Vernon every other week on Thursday. Please visit www.foodshare.org  or call (860) 286-9999 and request the Mobile Foodshare automated line for current schedule and locations.

Phone: (860) 286-9999
Fax: (860) 286-7860


Ellington The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 

(Map it) 2 Maple Street

 Every other Thursday 10:00 - 10:30


October 2, 16, 30
November 13
December 11
Tolland United Congregational Church of Tolland 

(Map it) 45 Tolland Green

 Every other Thursday 9:00 - 9:30


October 2, 16, 30
November 13
December 11
Vernon Cornerstone 

3 Prospect Street (Map it)

St. Bernard Church parking lot

 Every other Thursday 10:15 - 10:45


October 9, 23
November 6, 20
December 4, 18
Vernon Park West Apartments (Map it)

178 Terrace Drive

 Every other Thursday 11:15 - 11:45

October 9, 23
November 6, 20
December 4, 18


Other Resources in Vernon:

Iglesia Fuente de Salvación Misionera de Rockville
The pantry is open every other Wednesday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.


(860) 872-8461

SNAP Program Assistance


United Way Information and Referral Service
Dial 2-1-1





Donate to your local agencies

Tri-Town Pantry   Cornerstone Soup Kitchen


www.HVCChelps.org    www.Cornerstone-Rockville.org 

To make a secure donation, please refer to:

HVCC Donation Information

To make a secure donation, please refer to:

Cornerstone Donation Information

211 for more answers!   Apply for SNAP!

Call 211 or 1-800-203-1234





What helps provide more food; Food Drive or Fund Drive?




Foodshare serves 300 different programs in Hartford and Tolland counties, including many pantries, community kitchens and other programs in our area. We distribute 16 tons of food each day by securing truckload sized donations directly from the food industry. To keep this huge volume of food flowing to our partner agencies we ask our donors to consider a fund drive, rather than a food drive. There are a few good reasons for this.

Food drives may raise awareness of hunger, but they can never be a solution. The largest drive would not collect enough food to distribute even one day’s worth of food to every program we serve. Also, the donor pays top dollar for the food at retail prices, where we can work directly with the food industry to turn a $30 donation into a month’s worth of food for a hungry person. When this is communicated to the public, donors understand and are more willing to see their dollars used in the wisest possible way.

It’s important to know that Foodshare is highly efficient. For every donation we receive, 95%directly supports our work to end hunger, with only 5% covering administrative and fundraising costs!

If a food drive still feels like the way you wish to go, we recommend partnering directly with an agency in your neighborhood and Foodshare can help you to locate one. Individual agencies benefit more from local food collection efforts, where a lot of transportation costs are avoided that way.

We offer ½ hour lunch time tours of our Bloomfield facility.
If you are interested, we welcome you to arrange a visit!

Sarah M Santora 
Community Involvement Coordinator 
Foodshare, Inc. 



Key Vernon Hunger/Program Facts

·         Unemployment Rate: 7.5% (June 2013)


·         SNAP: 3,361 Vernon residents receive food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program or SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps.


·         School Meals: About two out of every five students enrolled in Vernon Public Schools are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.


·         School Breakfast: 44% of low-income students participating in lunch also eat breakfast at school.


·         Supper: The after- school programs at Maple Street School participate in the At-Risk After School Meal program, which provides free supper to all students.


·         Summer Meals: There are four locations in Vernon where any child 18 or under can go for a free lunch during the summer. The program is sponsored by the Vernon Youth Services. Over 150 children participated each day during summer 2013.



How do I join the Vernon Hunger Action Team (HAT)

A Hunger Action Team is a group of individuals and organizations working in collaboration to end hunger in a designated community. Members include individuals struggling with hunger, local businesses and food donors, town government, nonprofit organizations, the faith community, the school system, and concerned individuals.

They begin by asking “Why people are hungry in our town and what can we do to make it better?”
What are the obligations of a team member?

Team members meet on a regular basis, usually monthly, for one to two hours. They discuss issues and obstacles that keep people from getting the help they need. They determine steps to solve these issues and take on action steps to work on between meetings. Each member determines how much time they have to contribute aside from meetings and pick action steps based on their desire and ability. Team members typically do work outside of meetings from an average of one hour to ten hours per month.

What are some of the things HATS have done so far?

  • Vernon HAT helped to start two new Summer Meals programs for kids.

Further information please contact one of our Community Network Builders:

Beatrice Maslowski at bmaslowski@foodshare.org or 860-286-9999, x180 

Jim Palma at jpalma@foodshare.org  or 860-286-9999 x124


Food Resources



HVCC Tri-Town Food Pantry

29 Naek Road, Suite 5C, Vernon, CT 06066
Administration & Pantry: (860) 872-7727
Transportation: (860) 870-7940
Food Pantry Hours (Effective August 1, 2013)

Monday 9 -12
Tuesday 10-1
Wednesday 9-1 and 4-6:30
Thursday 9-1
Friday 9-12

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Information for our clients:

Food is distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Eligibility: Must be a resident of Vernon, Tolland, Ellington, Coventry or South Windsor and meet income requirements.

To determine if you meet eligibility requirements, please call 860-872-9825 and ask to speak to a case manager.

Please bring the following items with you to your intake meeting:

  •     Proof of address (utility bill, state-issued ID)
  •     Proof of income of all household members
  •     Social Security cards for all household members
  •     Photo ID 


Mobile Foodshare

Foodshare delivers fresh produce every other week on Thursday at 2 locations:

click here for actual dates

  • 10:15 am to 10:45 am at the Cornerstone parking lot off of Cottage Street. (Winter location, St. Bernard Parking lot)

  • 11:15 am to 11:45 am at Park West Apartments off Terrace


Iglesia Fuente de Salvacion Misionera de Rockville

116 Union Street, Vernon, CT 06066

The pantry is open every other Wednesday 9:00AM – 1:00PM


 Cornerstone Soup Kitchen 

15 Prospect Street, Vernon, CT 06066

Lunch is Monday – Sunday at 11:30AM 

Dinner is Monday – Friday at 5:00PM



“Food Security”

From Forum held on Monday, March 14, 2011

Hungry in Vernon?

Do you have neighbors who don’t know where to get their next meal? Are kids coming to school hungry? Come to this forum to listen, learn and participate in finding solutions.  Programs exist, federal dollars are available but are we as a community doing everything we can to make Vernon hunger free?

Sponsored by:
- Vernon Community Network
- End Hunger Connecticut!
- Foodshare

Hosted by:
- Rockville Church of the Nazarene
       47 East Street – Rockville, CT  

click picture above to see presentation

March 14-2011-Hunger in Vernon-PDF

This PowerPoint presentation was created by Sarah Santora of Foodshare with input from
Dawn Crayco of End Hunger CT! and Monica Pacheco from Vernon Public Schools.

Following this 30-minute presentation, a panel discussion was held to answer questions
and solicit input for improving the resources within the community.




2012 Connecticut School Breakfast Report Card


We’ve all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The federal School Breakfast Program provides schools with the opportunity to serve a healthy and complete breakfast to students each day while bringing federal dollars directly into the school district. Eating breakfast at school ensures students have the nutrition they need for academic success. School Breakfast has been shown to increase attendance, improve concentration and academic achievement, while simultaneously reducing incidences of tardiness, obesity, and other negative behavioral issues and creating a win-win situation for all.

This report card illustrates how CT school districts are doing in student participation in the School Breakfast

Program. The charts in this report provide data for each school district and are organized by District Reference Group (DRG), a classification for CT school districts based on characteristics of students’ families.

Information presented in this report includes:

Percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price school meals;

Free and reduced-price school breakfast participation rate;

Federal dollars in reimbursement that could be brought directly into the school district for serving breakfast to all free and reduced-price eligible students that ate lunch last school year;

Federal dollars in reimbursement that could be brought into the school district for serving breakfast to all students (including paid) that ate lunch last school year.


Hunger is a solvable problem. And people--like you--are the solution. Based on your survey, we have a list of volunteer opportunities below that align with your interests.

If you haven't done so already, please fill out our online Volunteer Information Form. We need this information to get started, and once complete you will receive a follow up from our Volunteer Coordinator. You should also consider attending an Introduction to Foodshare, if you haven't already. This includes a tour of the Bloomfield facility, and a wonderful overview of the various opportunities listed below.

(Some of the opportunities below can accommodate larger groups (G) of volunteers working together)

Increasing the Amount of Food Available

  • Form a Turkey and Thirty team to collect turkeys and funds for our hungry neighbors. (G)
  • Cut and tie mesh bags, at your leisure, needed to pack donated produce. (G)    
  • Sort incoming food, through our Food Reclamation program, to determine which products are safe for consumption. (G)
  • Plant, maintain and harvest vegetables throughout the growing season at one of our community gardens. (G)
  • Harvest (glean) locally grown produce donated by farms and orchards year-round. (G)
  • Advocate for school breakfast and lunch programs, summer food and more - offering free and reduced-price meals to low-income students.      
  • Set up Mobile Foodshare sites and distribute food to those in need.     
  • Inspect, sort and repack donated produce at the Hartford Regional Market. (G)     
  • Pick up donated food from retail stores & bring it directly to a local food pantry. 
  • Help screen eligible people for SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits, and assist them in filling out the application. 
  • Join our Rapid Response Team and be "on call" when we have an immediate need for help with various tasks (primarily food sorting).
  • Design or continue work on a different project to support this goal and report back to Foodshare about it!

Building Self-Sufficiency

  • Become an ally to support a graduate of Bridges Out of Poverty, an innovative program designed  to help those in poverty better understand & change their circumstances.   
  • Language and Literacy – partner with community-based organizations offering services like: English as a Second Language, and reading/writing literacy.
  • Financial Planning - partner with community-based organizations offering services like: budget coaching and tax assistance.
  • Education and Employment - partner with community-based organizations offering services like: GED, resume writing, college and other training programs.
  • Design or continue work on a different project to support this goal and report back to Foodshare about it! 

Involving the Entire Community

  • Work in the Bloomfield office, offering Administrative Support, and helping with data entry, reception, preparation of mailings, filing, shredding, etc.       
  • Become a Foodshare Ambassador to attend speaking engagements, tablings and facilitate Hunger 101.
  • Distribute campaign and event brochures to our retail partners on a monthly basis.
  • Form a team to raise funds or volunteer at the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger (G)
  • Join one of our Hunger Action Teams - a regional network of those committed to tackling the root causes of hunger.
  • Take the SNAP Challenge and commit to living on a low income food budget for one week. (G)
  • Become an e-Advocate and write letters, make phone calls or visit elected officials in support of anti-hunger legislation.
  • Design or continue work on a different project to support this goal and report back to Foodshare about it!  




The Vernon Community Network is a collaboration of providers that will identify and coordinate Social Service, 
Health, Educational and Economic Development resources for the enhancement of the community.


community service/volunteer opportunities as listed by Rockville High School

Click here for the contact information and membership of the Vernon Community Network


Teri Rogers, VCN President   888/566-4161   tslingback@comcast.net

 Mailing address: Vernon Community Network     c/o KIDSAFE CT     19 Elm Street   Rockville, CT  06066

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